The remarkable cure that doctors around the world are using to treat intractable diseases!YNSA® ~ Yamamoto New Head Acupuncture ~

From Japan! With clothes on, sitting on the head with a treatment.
It is a treatment that improves pain and chronic disease by treatment of the head alone.

YNSA® is an abbreviation for Yamamoto-style new head acupuncture.

Doctor "Toshikatsu Yamamoto" Teacher

This technique devised by Professor Toshikatsu Yamamoto, a doctor in Miyazaki PrefectureUnfortunately it is not well known in Japan, but in the world it is a very famous treatment that thousands of physicians already practice.

Central diseases such as cerebral infarction · cerebral hemorrhage · paralysis · low back pain · stiff shoulder · knee pain · numbness · dizziness · tinnitus etc.It is recognized worldwide that it is very effective for various diseases.

The excellent effects of YNSA® are recognized all over the world.
In Germany, doctors in various departments including department of medicine such as anesthesiology department and medicine such as orthopedic surgery practice, hospitals bearing the name of Professor Yamamoto are built by Brazilian government expenses in Brazil.

YNSA® is treated by applying acupuncture to the head (more precisely, to the scalp).
There are several schools in China in the scalp acupuncture, but because the reflex zones are different from each other, and acquisition of the procedure is also difficult because it is difficult to acquire the procedure, the effect is also different depending on the technology of the therapist.
YNSA® has a consistent theory and track record as a Made In Japan acupuncture and moxibustion treatment method.Acupuncture is applied to the head as it is called head acupuncture, but since it uses a very fine acupuncture needle of 0.25 mm, there is almost no pain.

Difference between YNSA® and acupuncture and moxibustion treatment

YNSA® is not a treatment using meridians or acupuncture points.
The basic treatment of YNSA® uses nine basic points from A to I on the head. The characteristics of YNSA® are its unique reflex zone and diagnostic method.

Professor Yamamoto and his predecessor have discovered the new point (reflective area) of this headIt responds to the disease of the whole body, not only the physical disorder such as paralysis, but also all kinds of organs such as cancer pain and orthopedic shoulder stiffness, neck, hip, knee and all pain, eye, nose, mouth etc. Various sensory abnormalities, corresponding to pain, numbness, tinnitusAnd there is a possibility that various symptoms can be improved.

Among other thingsParkinson's disease, which is considered intractable · Hemiplegia · Pain · Tinnitus · Vertigo · Back pain not going anywhereThere are excellent effects such as.

What is the effect of YNSA®?

It is recognized worldwide as having effects on various diseases such as pain, numbness, hearing loss, fatigue, visceral disease, joint problems, chronic and acute symptoms,Evaluation especially on the problems of [pain] and [brain (central)] is high.It is said that the influence on the autonomic nerve is great, and it is effective in improving a number of symptoms.

Many patients are improved by a single operation, but those with chronic symptoms often change gradually as they peel off the skin.
However, YNSA® is not a magical tool, nor is it a convenient machine that can be returned before you get sick.Some people find it difficult to feel the effect.
However, in patients such as cerebral infarction after the stabbing, the movement range of the joint becomes bigger than the normal rehabilitation, if you exercise the part of the disorder while stabbing the acupuncture, you took various tests, but the cause unknown We have made many achievements in symptoms that are difficult with other treatments, such as improved pain.
We would like people who are suffering from painful symptoms to experience YNSA®, which has an immediate effect and is highly effective against intractable diseases.

Treatment example of "YNSA®"

All pain, headache · low back pain · stiff shoulder · sports,
For pain caused by traffic accidents such as sprains and bruises,
The effect of 80% or more is expected.

For people suffering from low back pain

<Case 1>

Before the operation, it was in a state like (Photo [1]) when asked to bend forward. (Photo [2]) to do acupuncture acupuncture. After the operation (photo [3]), have you bend forward. Before treatment (photo [1]) it is easier to beat down.

<Case 2>

Before the operation, when the right arm was raised, it was in a state like (Photo [4]). (Photo [5]) to do acupuncture acupuncture. After the operation (photo [6]), list the right arm again. Before treatment (photo [4]) it is easier to cite.


Yamamoto style head acupuncture therapy, it is extremely effective for treatment of central or peripheral paralysis · cerebral hemorrhage · cerebral infarction · paralysis after surgery · traffic accident, paralysis due to sports etc., German University of Bonn Orthopedic Surgery In the study done in, there was an effect of 93%.

Sports disorder

It was effective against all pain or swelling which appears in sprains, traumatic sprains, bruises, tendosynovitis, bone fractures, sequelae and the like.

Half body unrelated · one anesthesia

It is effective for half paralysis paralysis caused by cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction, postoperative brain tumor, etc., and its effect is great by treating early.

Tinnitus / insomnia / autonomic imbalance

Tinnitus is one of the most difficult treatments in modern medicine, but YNSA® is a very effective treatment.

YNSA® treatment has been well received by many people.