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Heisei 29/6

I received it from KS

It was diagnosed as rheumatism a year ago 3 years ago, and it was from Yamamoto style new head acupuncture (YNSA) that I came up with searching the net etc etc for information that would be useful for treatment.
Currently this Yu ...

Heisei 29/6

Thank you YU

Last year at the end of 10 month, it became trigeminal neuralgia, then dizziness, then when I wake up in the morning tinnitus of the sound like the storm in the ears appears one after the other and disorders appear one after another, each time I consult with neurosurgery, otolaryngology etc. We got it ...

Heisei 28/7

I received it from my family member

Although 80 mother received surgery for spinal canal stenosis before 6 years, numbness of the foot remained after that, neck is always heavy in cervical spondylosis, numbness is always on the right hand, rehabilitation is performed in orthopedic surgery and analgesic is also taken was doing. However, pain when drinking painkillers ...

Heisei 28/7

I received it from a patient of 39 year old male

Since 10 years ago I have been treating chronic sinusitis, and since 7 years ago, I started to develop neuropathy that seems to be numbered behind my nose.

I have received various tests so far but the cause is unknown ...

Heisei 28/2

I received from pen name Neko Hara

I was surprised to hear that it was "on my head", but it was strange that the feeling when the acupuncture points were pressed by the teacher was clearly different before and after the treatment.In addition, I was in a state of pain even when I put on and take off my clothes on my forty shoulders, so I can receive treatment while wearing clothes ...

Heisei 28/1

I received it from a patient of 84 year old female

I am asking Kawaguchi sensei at 83 talent to take care of my body.
I will tell you the most surprising thing.
When treating one day, I talked about my very painful left arm. And the teacher, needle on the head ...