About Coronavirus Countermeasures

With the spread of the new coronavirus infectious disease, everyone is worried

It seems to have been sent.

Our hospital has a full appointment system, so that patients do not contact other patients
There is more than 20 minutes between treatments.
That helps reduce the chances of contact with others.
In addition, we try for ventilation and open the entrance etc. every time the patient comes home and ventilate.
In addition, the following things are implemented.




Thorough hand disinfection

We have installed a hand sanitizer, and our staff and patients are also hand sanitizing.




Thorough management of staff health

Regarding prevention of staff infection and health management, let alone wearing a mask,
We wash hands, gargle, measure body temperature and check for any physical condition when we go to work.





Thorough management with the latest air purifier


We use an air purifier with the latest water filter.
This air purifier has a function to reduce indoor germs and viruses by emitting negative ions similar to those of a waterfall basin.


In addition, POP is presented at stores to promote awareness.

We will strive to ensure that patients can receive treatment with confidence.