Massage, moxa, moxa

Free combination of three treatment methods!Massage, moxa, moxa

Acute pain, chronic pain, insomnia, menopausal disorder etc.
Treatment that meets physical symptoms
You can choose the combination freely.

About Acupuncture (Hari) Treatment

Beauty moxa is a safe treatment without side effects.

Hari used for treatment is pain of the degree that the diameter is as thin as the hair and at best the bites are bitten by mosquitoes. It is no exaggeration to say that fear, tension and anxiety are totally unnecessary.
Treatment will be discontinued if it means that you can not stand it during treatment. Also, there are also treatments that do not use elasticity, so we recommend massage treatment to those who feel resistant to hardness.

About Acupuncture (Hari) Treatment of Sports Injury

Representative injuries due to sports include excessive extension and partial rupture of ligaments, tendons, muscles such as sprain, muscle relaxation, tennis elbow (humiliary epiphysealitis), golf elbow (humeral epiphysis), knee arthritis, etc. It is caused by inflammation, back pain due to muscle fatigue, back neck neck back pain, and so on.
Both are mostly caused by excessive overuse of soft tissues such as muscles and ligaments, mostly due to muscle fatigue.

Acupuncture is the only way to directly attack these soft tissue affected areas.

Even if you apply medicine from the skin, the rate of penetration to the muscles actually is small, and side effects etc are also anxious.
In that respect, acupuncture is rarely damaging to the organization and can be done safely.