Treatment practiced by thousands of doctors in the world!
~ Yamamoto style New Hair Acupuncture ~
Experience the lift-up effect that can be misplaced
I regain youthful skin
~ Facial acupuncture moxibustion ~
Treatment that is safe for foreign nationals
To foreigners

YNSA® treatment has been well received by many people.

From Japan! With clothes on, sitting on the head with a treatment.
It is a cure that improves pain and chronic diseases by just tightening the scalp.
It is a remarkable remedy that doctors around the world are using to treat intractable diseases.
YNSA® Yamamoto New Head Acupuncture

Yamamoto style new head acupuncture

Treatment of acupuncture on the scalp is very effective for various diseases, it is acknowledged treatment all over the world.

Massage, moxa, moxa

Massage, moxa, moxa

Combine with three treatment methods such as glue, moxa, and massage, and you can choose the treatment time freely.

Beauty acupuncture

Beauty acupuncture

By treating acupuncture on the face, the flow and blood circulation of the lymph becomes better, and it is treatment to regain the youthful skin which is bright and tight.

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